3 days in

Published May 3, 2016 by fitflo

So 3rd training session completed tonight and my TrainAsONE plan is starting to look like a better fit – oh, didn’t I mention that before? TrainAsONE has been set up by an experienced medical surgeon (and keen runner) with the goal of providing tailored training programmes geared to ensuring you achieve optimum results, in the most efficient way and minimising injury risk. I registered aaages ago to be part of the beta testing, and received a rather well timed email 10 days ago saying there was space to join and get a completely personalised and free training plan, that learns as you improve. Hell yes, I said, where do I sign up?

After I’d uploaded todays run (via runkeeper – other apps are available) my plan was refreshed and the pace aims came much more in line with where I am right now. I’m interested and rather excited to see how the plan develops, although the goal I entered was for running a marathon, so in the later stages I may add some in between runs to get used to back to back days. Initial thoughts are that after 3 runs it already seems to know what I can do, and the plan over the next few weeks is going to push me a little at a time. I’m aiming for 4 runs a week, with some cross/strength training to augment it.

My biggest challenge right now is my weight. I’ve gained 30lbs over the last 8 months whilst our build has been going on, which is just shocking. I’m slowly cutting my sugar intake and total calories, but I know I have a looooong road ahead – to complete Dopey I need to be at least 50lbs lighter than I am now, otherwise it’ll just be too much for me – I was 25 lbs lighter when I ran London and that was a struggle… I can’t imagine having to do nearly double the distance!

I’m using myfitnesspal and rather than following a specific plan am just trying to eat more fruit and veg and fewer carbs. Anyone out there lost a large amount of weight? What tips and advice would you give me right now?





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